Inspired by the natural environment, “textures by nature” gives a new meaning to the idea of functionality through a monumental minimalism embodied into unique garments. The compete set imitates fauna and flora. This high-end luxury collection is the epitome of modernity and sophistication while still being casual. It is dedication to contemporary design. The collection combines elegance and purity with innovative materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Each piece stands out with its good construction that is highlighted by geometric lines. The superior cuts and the completion with details give form to a figure that shines. The collection combines new technology, like 2D and 3D prints and extravagant materials. Every hole in the 3D prints was simultaneously digitally designed, while the flat prints were made by hand. All of these features makes the collection very unique. This uniqueness is very defiantly needed during a time of mass production.

As to the fabrics, the collection is based on natural materials. The collection combines a variety of textures: light cashmeres, silk, szantalung, organza, jacquard, chiffon and eco-friendly cotton that is confirmed with an OEKO-TEX certificate. The high-quality silk perfectly exposes a women’s strengths and restores her natural fresh look. The selection of materials was made in a very thoughtful way, and perfectly fits into the assumptions of the AP brand. The color palette extends from different shades of grey through ecru and orange.

The customer for my brand is artistic, educated, well paid, ambitious and independent. This set was created for conscious consumers who expect something more from fashion.

The style of the collection might be summed up as modern, innovative and unique.

Texture by nature:

Photographer – Rafał Zajdel

Model – Mayu Gralińska-Sakai,

Benjamin Diamouténé

Make up – Ewa Rudnik

Post – Paul Drozdowski

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